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21 Jun 2019

Gruppo UNA

Maybe it’s the balmy weather, maybe it's the timeless, laid back lifestyle or maybe it’s the flair for fashion, but there's something uniquely inspiring about spending a summer in Italy – that special X-factor that has spawned countless novels, TV shows and movies. Grupo UNA is here to tell you some of the best places to visit in Italy this summer.

The best places to go in Italy in summer for a beach break

The Italians themselves love escaping to the sea during the summer. Sardinia is a top destination for sun and sand, while resorts such a Monte Conero on the Adriatic Coast are especially popular with families. Then there's Sicily, home to Mount Etna and picturesque towns like Cefalu, with its azure waters and unique skyline. Looking out on a secluded cove, places like UNAHOTELS Capotaormina offer a sun-kissed retreat from the problems of the everyday world.

UNAHOTELS Capotaormina swimming pool

The best places to visit in Italy in summer for a villa holiday.

For many British travellers, the archetypal summer holiday in Italy is a villa in the Tuscan hills. Areas like Val d'Orcia have everything – peace and quiet, rolling landscapes and a wealth of charming towns and villages with easy access by road or rail. The villa experience itself can come in many different forms. As well as renting out a whole property (usually a converted farmhouse), you can stay on a working vineyard or book a few rooms in a renaissance palace – for example, the magnificent Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze. Popular villa destinations include Chianti, Montalcino, Umbria and Puglia in the ‘boot’ of Italy.

Best summer holiday destinations in Italy for special interests.

Be it seafood, hearty northern cuisine, rustic southern dishes or spicy Sicilian fare, Italy is celebrated for its regional dishes. There are many Italy summer vacations specifically catering to foodies and wine connoisseurs, with tasting tours, cookery classes and other activities. Often, they're centred around towns like Bologna, Parma and Ferrara, especially well known for their tradition of great eating and drinking. Try stays in the UNAHOTELS Bologna Centro or the UNAWAY Hotel Occhiobello, with its charming pleasure gardens and first-class restaurant.

Other popular summer activities in Italy include walking, cycling and golfing. The hill trails of the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast attract countless visitors, but don't overlook the Alpi Marittime, Piedmond and the Italian Lakes too.

Packing for Italy in summer.

When you're deciding what to throw into your suitcase, don't forget a sun hat and sunglasses. Not only do they protect your skin from too much UV, but they also help you to feel the part. For women, a wide-brimmed hat lets you channel the old Hollywood glamour of movies like Roman Holiday. And the same goes for a pair of sunglasses, especially if you opt for a retro design.

On a more practical note, it's also a good idea to pack a bottle of powerful sunblock, although you can always stock up on lotion at a local farmacia. Rather than buying water bottles from a street stall or shop, bring a reusable bottle that you can fill either at your hotel or from one of the many drinking fountains that add character to Italy's towns and villages.

What to wear in Italy in summer.

First off, let's start with how not to dress in Italy in the summer. Shorts, flip-flops and baseball caps are the types of items that mark you out as a tourist, so you might want to reserve them for the beach. For general sight-seeing, we recommend a smart polo shirt or similar top, a sweater for evening layering, a roll-up waterproof for summer showers and lightweight cotton trousers (rather than jeans or a heavier weave). You'll be doing a lot of walking, so round out the outfit with sensible shoes – flats, deck shoes or discreet trainers. In addition, female visitors to the bel paese might want to add a sundress with a below the knee skirt to their holiday wardrobe.

The advantage of these items is their versatility. If you're into culture, they're appropriate for visiting the churches where many of Italy's finest paintings and sculptures are to be found. Or if wining and dining is your thing, they should get you into most bars and restaurants too. Keen to be on trend? You can always see what's hot in the local clothing stores and add the current must-have bag or scarf to your summer wardrobe.

Visit Italy with Gruppo UNA.

From the cool of the Italian Alps down to the sun-scorched south, Gruppo UNA has some great Italian summer holiday destinations in store from you. Whether you want to enjoy the spas of UNAHOTELS Regina Bari or the countryside around the UNAHOTELS Palazzo Mannaioni Toscana, a true taste of the dolce vita awaits.