Why choose Tuscany for a romantic trip.

22 Jan 2020

Gruppo UNA

We may be in the middle of winter, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Not only is it ready to warm our hearts, it is a perfect opportunity to head off on a romantic weekend with that special person.
The Sienese Valleys are an excellent choice for couples who appreciate good food and sports. They are also a great place to rediscover the charm of Tuscan villages (such as the famous Montepulciano), magical expressions of local beauty in myriad forms.


What do the Sienese Valleys cover?

The Sienese Valleys and hills include Montagnola, Crete, Val d'Orcia and Monte Cetona. 
Let’s look at what makes these places so perfect for a heavenly romantic getaway.

The hilly area of Montagnola includes the municipalities of Siena, Monteriggioni, Casole d'Elsa and Sovicille. Thanks to the high quality of the surrounding environment and its wealth of historical and artistic artefacts, the Sienese Valleys have been made a site of Community interest. 
In fact, the whole area is worth a visit.

The Crete Senesi, which occupy a large area south-east of Siena, are famous for alternating gullies and biancane eroded forms that look like the lunar surface. A truly unique place to celebrate Valentine's Day!

The Val d'Orcia, through which the river of the same name runs, is a famous natural, artistic and cultural reserve. Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it boasts incredible views that have inspired great artists since the Renaissance.

Monte Cetona is an ideal place to romantically entwine the unspoilt beauty of nature and total relaxation. The source of the river Orcia lies on its slopes, and the famous Lake San Casciano lies further down the valley.

Must-not-miss in the Sienese Valleys...

  • You must not miss a visit to Siena, to wander around the old town and its centre. What makes Siena so fascinating is that it has remained intact; what you see is what was there in the Middle Ages. When you visit this city, you feel like you’re travelling through time to an era that had such a huge impact on local culture.
  • The mythical Abbey of San Galgano, one of the most mysterious places in Tuscany, is the location of the legend of the knights of the round table. According to this legend, the Sword in the Rock was located at the nearby Hermitage of Montesiepi.
  • The natural phenomenon of the Boric Geysers at Sasso Pisano and Monterotondo Marittimo is rare indeed: the only examples in Italy are in the Sienese Valleys. Jets of natural steam and sulfurous fumes emerge from the subsoil in this evocative natural manifestation.
  • A great way to celebrate love and romance is to walk a stretch of the Via Francigena together, making sure to stop off in San Quirico d'Orcia, a village of Etruscan origins characterized by picturesque streets and medieval ramparts. Offering breathtaking and singular views, the Via Francigena runs all the way to Rome through the Sienese Valleys and the enchanting Val d’Orcia.
  • To celebrate your journey of love, treat yourself to a fine glass of Brunello in one of Italy’s most famous wine-growing regions: Montalcino.

Nature, relaxation and extra pampering: the thermal baths at Montepulciano

Wellness is one of the most rewarding ways to get into harmony with yourself, and that applies doubly to couples.
As a continuation of your immersion in the charm, history and culture of the Sienese Valleys, treat yourself to a perfect day of relaxation at the Montepulciano thermal baths.
Enjoy the therapeutic properties of sulfurous waters, looking out over surrounding natural beauty and uniquely evocative landscapes.


Where can I stay to celebrate Valentine's Day in the Sienese Valleys?

For your romantic getaway in the Sienese Valleys, you can rely on the Gruppo UNA and the luxurious Relais Villa Grazianella | UNA Esperienze, located close to Montepulciano: an elegant, romantic residence with swimming pool and wine bar awaits you. Come get to know your senses better, discover fine vintage wines and enjoy exciting tours on horseback or bike rides, totally immersed in nature.

Relais Villa Grazianella | UNA Esperienze