Tuscany routes: A Summer between Pisa, Siena and Florence.

1 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

The warm summer climate encourages visitors to explore the world-famous countryside and dip their toes in the clear Tyrrhenian sea waters. When the temperatures really soar, tourists can stroll through the museums like the locals do and plan outdoor activities during the evening hours when it's cooler. There are plenty of street parties, festivals and special occasions hosted by this region, too.

Whether you are planning a Tuscan summer tour for a few days or longer, you should keep an eye on the events calendar. This way, you can organise fun activities along with excursions to see the main sites of Tuscany like the Piazza del Campo in Siena, the Square of Miracles in Pisa and Duomo in Florence. Both Tuscans and visitors love the summer ambience, enjoying the traditional medieval games, the night sky and eating in the town squares among other entertaining activities. If you have limited time in the region, you can still plan a three-day tour in Tuscany to visit Pisa, Siena and Florence during summer.

Trip to Pisa.

There's much beyond the Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower in Pisa to see here. These sites are major town symbols in Pisa, but there are many other attractions for visitors and activities suitable for the summer season. Examples include:

San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Park

Massaciuccoli park is close to the Leaning Tower, which can be reached on foot from here. San Rossore is known for the green park where visitors can stroll, cycle or just rest under the pine trees. Tourists can see various species of Tuscan flora and fauna in San Rossore.


If you love sandy beaches and a bit of a party atmosphere, then the Pisan coast is the best place for you. The long, sandy beaches in this region are free to enter, but you can also pay for sunbeds There are plenty of clubs, pubs and exciting locations where you can spend your Saturday evenings, perhaps having an "aperitivo" with your friends.

Pisan hills

The Pisan hills provide panoramic views of the Pisa region. Visitors can tour around by car or bike and rest in Santallago, a few kilometres from Calci where BBQ grills are available. Around the Pisan hills, tourist can also discover food products such as olive oil, honey and wine, which are famously made in the region.

Trip to Siena.

Siena is an attractive medieval city situated 35 miles southwest of Florence in the Tuscan countryside. Here you can enjoy Italian culture, society and cuisine, while enjoying the Tuscan landscape and the sea. Siena's heart is its piazza Il Campo, known globally for Palio run, a horse race that happens around the piazza twice every summer. Other things to enjoy in Siena include:

Museo dell’Opera.

Sheltered in the Siena Cathedral is one of the oldest museums on earth. Offering a beautiful connection between culture and religion, the prestigious art collection documents important parts of Siena's history. The Siena cathedral itself hosts ancient texts in its library. Tourists can explore the sacred crypt and walk up to the roof, the Gate of Heaven, to catch breathtaking views of Siena.

Trip to Florence.

Florence is regarded as the soul of Tuscany. This region brims with the impacts of the Renaissance. You will discover countless architectural wonders and a lot of exquisite artwork: it is a cultural masterpiece of a city. You can organise an itinerary in Florence to see:

The Uffizi Gallery.

This is the most famous museum in Florence and the place where visitors can see the stunning Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Visitors can book tickets in advance to avoid long waiting lines.

Accademia Gallery of Florence.

Michaelangelo's David stands in the centre of the Tribune. Besides the thrilling sculptures, there is the Museum of Musical Instruments, where classical music lovers can enjoy the inspiring exhibit.

Accommodation around Tuscany.

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