If you want to mix up beautiful architecture, fine dining, live music, and world famous works of art.

20 Dec 2018

At Gruppo UNA, you can pick out-of-town luxury hotels, or comfortable city centre options. But wherever you stay, we want your New Year Eve Milan break to be as enjoyable as possible, so here are some suggestions about what to do during your festive visit.

Enjoy a typical San Silvestro feast.

In northern Italy, New Year's Eve coincides with the Festival of San Silvestro, one of the most lavish banquets on the annual religious calendar. But you don't need to be a Catholic to sample the delights of the "cenone" (feast). Instead, restaurants across Milan serve extended meals on the 31st, with plenty of distinctive seasonal delicacies.

Pace yourself as plates of cotechino (slow cooked pork sausage), zampone (pigs' trotters stuffed with meat), and lenticchie (lentil) soups arrive. Be sure to leave room for the inevitable panettone, which crowns the whole meal. The locals love to take it slow on New Year's Eve, so settle in, tuck in your napkin, and crack open a bottle of local Barolo wine.

If you want to know the best places to enjoy a New Year feast, be sure to ask the staff at your Gruppo UNA hotel. They'll be happy to make a recommendation and a reservation.

See in the New Year in Milan with a musical treat.

Music is a key part of Milanese New Year celebrations, especially live performances that unite the community. These take place city-wide. So whether you're staying near Porta Nuova, or at one of our suburban locations, you should be able to welcome the New Year in harmonious style.

Classical music is always well represented, with masterful performances on New Year's Eve at LaVerdi Auditorium. But you can also tap along to superb jazz musicians at the Blue Note (with gourmet food to make it sound even sweeter).

There should be no shortage of street parties, too. If you want to join the biggest crowd in town, head to the Piazza Duomo for DJ sets and bands, or head to districts like Navigli, where parties run until the early hours.

Experience Milan's incredible artistic treasures on New Year's Eve.

When exploring what Milan has to offer, you'll need to be disciplined, as Lombardy's capital is packed with attractions. So take a bit of time to plan your New Year's Eve Milan adventure.

This applies especially to art lovers. Few cities in the world can match Milan in terms of its artistic heritage, and if you manage your time well, you can see hundreds of masterpieces in a single day.

For starters, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper is a must-see. One of the world's most famous paintings, it's housed in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. However, try to book a tour before the party starts on New Year's Eve, as the convent is closed on New Year's Day.

Why not combine a Last Supper tour with some quality time in the Pinacoteca di Brera? The Pinacoteca is Milan's premier gallery, and one of the finest in the world. If you adore Renaissance painting, you'll be in heaven.

If there's time, pay a visit to the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, which focuses on sublime 19th century works. From Manet and Cezanne, to Canova and Van Gogh, the collection includes a galaxy of European masters.

Wander around historic Milan on New Year's Day.

If you need to work off a few calories from the night before and soak up the scenery, pick up a map from your Gruppo UNA concierge and set out for a walking tour.

Navigli is one of the best places to start. Built around a series of canals, Navigli feels a little like Venice, and has the same kind of unspoiled historic architecture. See canal locks designed by da Vinci, take some snaps in picturesque Vicolo dei Lavandai (Avenue of the Laundresses), and stumble upon gorgeous churches like the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

The Castello Sforza is another fine place to walk. Right at the heart of the Renaissance city, the Castello houses a fine museum that's well worth visiting. Or wander through nearby Brera, passing landmarks like La Scala opera house, along with an endless array of small galleries.

Visit Milan for a New Year adventure.

From fine food to dazzling art, Milan offers a cornucopia of activities and experiences for visitors. At Gruppo UNA we love to share the city's attractions and atmosphere.

So make a booking and start planning your stay. We operate a range of city centre hotels such as the UNAHOTELS Century Milano, as well as out-of-town hotels like UNAHOTELS The One Milano. Choose the ideal accommodation for your New Year trip.

When you get here, our staff will be happy to help with your itinerary and reservations, allowing you to make the most of this wonderful destination, at one of the most exciting times of the year.