Sicilian holidays are perfect for anyone!

10 Aug 2019

Gruppo UNA

This tiny island is truly an Italian gem, so it's hardly surprising Sicily has become such a popular holiday destination. And it's easily possible to book last-minute holidays to Sicily if you need a vacation to recharge your batteries at short notice.

This useful Gruppo UNA guide provides a number of tips for late bookings to Sicily.

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Last-minute Sicily: ideas and travel tips.

You'll find it's quite easy to book last-minute flights from the UK to Sicily. Popular airlines offering direct flights include British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair and TUI. Ideally, book your flights before starting to think about booking accommodation, as flight prices will vary considerably throughout the summer season. You may find it's more convenient and affordable to book a mid-week to mid-week stay.

Places to visit when holidaying in Sicily.

Sicily is home to a fascinating mash of history, stretching back to the Phoenicians and, later, covering the Bourbons of France. Each culture has left its own mark on the architecture of the island, so you'll be amazed at all the landmarks of the island. Embarking on boat trips or chartering a yacht from your Sicily holiday destination gives you an even better view of the stunning coastline and beauties of the surrounding Aeolian Islands.

Things to see in Sicily.

Some of the popular tourist destinations on Sicily include Taormina and the Greek temples of Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples, the Piazza Armerina roman villa, Palermo and Mount Etna as well as many castles, Roman monuments and vineyards.

The food scene.

You'll find the Sicilian wines and foods are very different from those of other Italian regions, even if they have the same name!

Fish dishes are popular throughout Sicily, and nothing beats pasta con le sarde, made with freshly caught sardines. Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by a mix of all the cultures that have inhabited the island in the past, taking all the best elements from Arab, Roman, Greek and traditional European dishes and combining them into fresh dishes that are sure to delight any foodie.

Beaches in Sicily.

And of course, this beautiful island, just off the shore of Italy's 'toe' offers some unmissable beaches. If you're looking for somewhere less chaotic than the main tourist spots, head to Licata beach on the south coast, which offers not only a calm atmosphere with happy, sunbathing locals but also a little bit of history: the beach saw. Allied landings in 1943. Equally, one-stop before busy Cefalù, you'll find something of a secret gem: Lascari beach. Rather empty even in high season, this quiet beach is stunning and offers plenty of great places to eat.

Or maybe you're after something more vibrant? The beaches of Cefalù and Mondello offer a bustling, family vibe. And if you want a beach experience with a difference, the Turkish steps near Agrigento give you the chance to lounge by the water on almost moonscape-like, bright white limestone that's been naturally carved by the sea over time.

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