The perfect time to visit Italy.

14 Apr 2019

Gruppo UNA

Across Italy, Easter (or Pasqua) is celebrated as one of the biggest and most important festivals of the year. Food is a significant foundation in Italian life, and this is reflected in the fantastic variety available throughout the Easter period.

Whether experiences on a weekend city break in Venice or on a rural retreat in Tuscany, Easter recipes in Italy represent the different cultures and traditions found throughout many Italian regions. With vibrant, lavish festivities playing backdrop to a wonderful mix of Italian delicacies, the Easter period is the perfect time to plan a trip to Italy for any enthusiastic foodie.

Easter in Italy: what to eat.

In Italy, food eaten during religious festivals is often symbolic, and this is no more evident than during Easter. Many traditional Italian Easter recipes use eggs and lamb throughout the meal. These ingredients form the foundation of every Italian menu during this celebration and represent the themes of renewal and rebirth.

The giving and receiving of chocolate eggs is an Easter tradition around the world, but few countries match the dazzling spectacle of an Italian Easter egg. These delicious, hollow chocolate eggs often adorn shop windows in every colour and pattern imaginable. They are delicious on the outside, but it is the "surprise" gift on the inside that truly makes them magical.

There are plenty of accompaniments to an authentic Italian Easter recipe, but lunch during Easter usually means one thing: lamb on the table. A famous recipe for grilled lamb, Abbacchio alla scottadito, which simply means "lamb that burns the fingers" is a dish that is cooked across central Italy and traces its origins to the eternal city, Rome. These marinated lamb chops are typically cooked over coals and make a mouth-watering meal -- they are the perfect Easter recipe from Italy.

If you are thinking about a stay in the Italian capital over the Easter weekend, UNAHOTELS Decò Roma is a refined and contemporary hotel right in the centre of the city. This art deco style hotel boasts an unparalleled location with a restaurant that serves both international and local cuisine. A perfect base from which to explore the culinary delights of Rome.

UNAHOTELS Decò Roma Restaurant

Easter recipes from across Italy.

Each part of Italy has its own regional specialities when it comes to eating at Easter, so wherever you decide to visit on your holiday you are sure to have a unique and authentic experience. In the Lombardy (Lombardia) region of northern Italy, it is typical to enjoy Colomba di Pasqua. This dove-shaped sweet bread is similar to classic panettone but contains candied peel, pearl sugar and almonds. Perfect for those with a sweet-tooth and a quintessential Easter recipe in Italy.

In Naples, breakfast on Easter Sunday wouldn't be complete without a slice of the popular wheat cake, Pastiera Napoletana, alongside a strong espresso. The combination of orange flower water, candied peel and rich ricotta perfectly invoke the heady aroma of springtime in Italy. After sampling the local Easter delights at La Pignasecca food market, you might want to unwind as you contemplate the magnificent tragedy of Mount Vesuvius with a glass of local wine, relaxing on the rooftop bar of UNAHOTELS Napoli.

Rooftop UNAHOTELS Napoli

On the coast of north-western Italy lies the crescent-shaped region of Liguria. It is here that Torta Pasqualina originated, now an absolute staple Easter recipe across Italy. This savoury pie would traditionally have been baked with thirty-three sheets of pastry, one representing each year of Jesus' life. Inside that delicate rustic crust is a baked egg with creamy spinach and ricotta filling. This recipe can traditionally be eaten both hot and cold, making it the ideal dish for a picnic by the sea.

Pick Gruppo UNA hotels for your Easter getaway.

Whichever destination you choose to visit in Italy this Easter, Gruppo UNA offers prime accommodation across a variety of locations. If a rural break is your preference, Fattoria Santo Stefano lies in the charming, rustic foothills of Tuscany, a short drive from the magnificent city of Florence. If, on the other hand, an urban Easter adventure is more to your liking, our Bologna, Milan and Venice hotels are the ideal choice for your foodie foray. Our staff will be delighted to point you in the direction of traditional, local Easter treats.

Easter recipes at Gruppo UNA hotels.

However you decide to spend your weekend, it would be our pleasure to welcome you for an Easter escape to Italy in 2019. Of course even for lunch or at dinner! Here you have our offer.

At Versilia Lido | UNA Esperienze you are going to taste: 

  • Chard, sheep's ricotta and quail egg quiche.
  • Passatelli in rooster broth drizzled with Marzolino truffle.
  • Asparagus and squid risotto.
  • Rack of lamb with almonds, new potatoes and stewed artichoke.
  • Creamy mascarpone pudding with crispy Colomba Easter cake pieces and raspberries.
  • Coffee with mini chocolate eggs.

At Villa le Maschere | UNA Esperienze prepare yourself to taste:

  • Poached egg with asparagus cream and a Parmesan and ginger fondue.
  • Risotto with cuttlefish and peas.
  • Roasted lamb stuffed with almond and apricot served with fried artichokes and peas cream.
  • Pastiera con gelato al cioccolato.

At UNAHOTELS Decò Roma you are going to taste:

  • Traditional easter pie with ricotta cheese, spinach and egg.
  • Sautéed artichoke filled with bread parsley flavoured and served on a Roma Pecorino cheese fondue.
  • Cannelloni pasta filled with ricotta cheese, egg and local salami with tomato sauce.
  • Lamb chops in pistachio crust, served with raspberry dressing and mashed potatoes.
  • Ricotta and wheat mousse served with crumble biscuits and candied fruits.

Finally, at UNAHOTELS Capotaormina you can have:

  • The Easter Gran Buffet: creative cuisine of Sicilian tradition, with a wide selection of appetizers, first and second courses; and Easter pastry selection.
  • The Easter Monday Barbecue, with appetizers and main courses buffet, including a variety of fish, crustacean and meat directly from our grill. At the end a Easter pastry selection.