A great destination, even for kids.

25 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

The city’s "otherworldliness" makes it a big hit with kids, as are the myriad of ways to enjoy the water and the unique opportunities to learn about local history, art and traditional crafts.

Where should a family stay in Venice?

Those wondering where to stay in Venice with kids should consider luxury, family-friendly hotels in great locations that keep the whole family happy. Gruppo UNA’s Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze hotel offers both the grandeur and luxury that is loved by adults, as well as a host of child-friendly facilities that are essential for families who want to enjoy a smooth trip.

Located in the charming Cannaregio district in the north of the city, it’s just far away enough from the main central drag but still in good proximity to landmarks such as the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal. 

Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze

So, what can families do in Venice?

Explore the waters.

There’s no question that one of the best things to do in Venice is taking a trip on a gondola along the Grand Canal and connecting waterways. There really is no finer way to take in the famous sites such as the Rialto Bridge, Doge Palace, St Mark's Campanile and the Bridge of Sighs.  Many gondolas have enough room for all the family. Given the high costs of a gondola ride, it's wise to do this just once during your trip and make use of the much cheaper water taxis or vaporetti for other journeys.  Children tend to enjoy these busy boat trips just as much as a gondola.

Family-friendly art.

Rather than drag children around vast art galleries, take them to the manageable Penny Guggenheim Collection.  This once great art collector's home includes Picasso, Magritte and Ernst artworks and is an excellent introduction to 20th-century art for children.  The fact that she is buried in the very gardens of her splendid home helps kids engage with the collection that little bit more.

Take a Venice Ghost Walk.

There are all manner of organised walks and boat trips in Venice, but what better way to delight the younger members of your family than with a spooky, chilling ghost tour.  A ghost walk really is one of the best Venice tours for families looking for something a bit different. A good tour will incorporate the city’s fascinating, but surprisingly gruesome, history.

Murano Islands.

Take a short boat trip to the famous Murano Island, located to the north of Venice, where traditional glass blowing techniques have been practised for centuries.  Children and parents alike will find themselves enthralled by the wondrous shapes and colours that these artisan glass blowers can make. Fit in a trip to the island of Burano too, where the whole family can enjoy a traditional lace-making workshop followed by a walk past the island's famous coloured houses.

Murano, Venezia

Grabbing a Gelato in Venice.

A family simply cannot visit Venice without indulging in at least one daily gelato (ice-cream). Gelato shops are located all over the city, although most opt to grab one in a picturesque location such as Piazza San Marco and enjoy it as they take a rest and watch the crowds go by.  Children will delight in the sheer joy of having so many flavours to choose from.

Make a Venetian Mask.

In the 18th century, visitors to Venice came to indulge in all manner of racy behaviour.  As a consequence, they wore masks so that they couldn’t be identified, especially those people of high social standing! Today the masques are a bit of fun, and families love attending Venetian masque workshops where children can make their own creations.

Venice is a wonderful place to take the family and makes a change from predictable beach destinations.  While adults have long appreciated the grandeur and beauty of Venice, children will love the mysterious atmosphere, the almost fantastical landscapes and even the engaging history lessons. Choose from the very best hotels in Venice for families by booking your stay at Gruppo UNA’s stunning Maison Venezia | UNA Esperienze, and start your Venetian family adventure today.