Between secrets and myths.

6 Sep 2019

Gruppo UNA

Main sights in Turin.

One of the principal Turin tourist hotspots is the Mole Antonelliana, known locally as The Mole. This major city landmark was designed by Alessandro Antonelli in 1863 and was originally planned as a synagogue. The building has been used for several purposes during its lifetime, and its gigantic spire is visible for miles. It is currently home to the National Cinema Museum of Turin.

You'll discover the medieval and baroque palaces of central Turin offer a romantic backdrop as you explore the maze of alleys and narrow streets in the Old Town.

Other notable places to visit include the Park Valentino on the banks of the River Po, the Piazza San Carlo, famed for its baroque buildings, and the Gran Madre du Dio church in Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Finally, of course, Superga Hill, and its Basilica for the former House of Savoy city rulers is a sight not to be missed!

And all this is even before we get to the esoteric and magical history of the city...

Turin: the esoteric city of magic leaves visitors spellbound.

During the daylight hours, it can be difficult to believe Turin has hidden links to the occult and magic circles, but intrepid visitors exploring the city by night may see a different side of this location. As dusk draws in, and the shadows cast by the ancient buildings of the Old Town lengthen, it becomes possible to believe that this cosmopolitan city has a deeper, darker personality.

You'll discover there are plenty of magic Turin evening tours available for visitors, and these can be booked from your hotel or in local retail outlets. A quick online search reveals details about each Turin magic tour and provides plenty of information about the magic Turin itinerary as well as the reasons the Piedmont capital city is renowned for its links to the occult.

If you have time during your trip to Turin, booking a place on a magic Turin evening tour will certainly be an exciting experience and will show you how the Old Town transforms in the hours of darkness.

Some highlights of the magic Turin tours are the Piazzo Statuto – which is said to be the centre of the black Turin magic triangle alongside London and San Francisco – the former home of Nostradamus close to the square, and the Palazzo del Diavolo on via Alfieri.

In contrast to the black magic triangle operating in Turin, a white magic triangle was also said to operate in the city in the area around Piazza Castello and its alchemist caves. Other notable points of the white magic triangle – which was reputed to operate between Turin, Prague and Lyon – are the Gran Madre di Dio Church and Piazza del Palazzo, which is where the black magic sector and white magic sector of the city are said to meet up.

Magical Turin: Myths and legends.

 A recent documentary by Alessandro Romboni dug deeper into the myths and legends of Turin and its association with the occult. The video can be viewed online, along with a narrative history written in English and Italian which offers a lot of background into the legends about Turin that have built up over time.

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