A nature-filled Spring break.

1 May 2023

Gruppo UNA

In Italy, spring (or primavera) is a very special time. And it doesn't just represent personal renewal and beginning afresh, as it does in almost every other culture.

For Italians, the season blends nature and religion in an intoxicating mix - where vibrant Easter celebrations and colourful blossoms are impossible to disentangle. This fusion of culture and nature makes spring a wonderful time to plan a visit to Italy.

If you want to explore Italy's natural wonders, Gruppo UNA offers premium accommodation close to many famous beauty spots, from UNAHOTELS Napoli near the Amalfi Coast to UNAHOTELS Palazzo Mannaioni Toscana, close to the Val d'Orcia. Our Florence, Milan, Venice and Bologna hotels are at the centre of some fabulous urban break destinations too.


But before you choose, let's explore a few reasons why spring is such a wonderful time for nature lovers to visit Italy.

Why you must visit Italy during Spring.

Making your spring break nature-filled won't be a problem when you visit Italy this year. But it helps to choose destinations with parks and gardens that showcase the country's rich spring blooms.

Florence is an obvious highlight, thanks to the gorgeous Boboli Gardens. Overlooking the Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens are built around a series of fountains and have been inspiring artists since they were laid out in the 15th century.

It includes the Buontalenti grotto (which was decorated by Michelangelo) and erupts into a blend of lilacs and oranges as spring arrives. You won't want to miss it.

The same applies to the superb Tivoli gardens, just outside Rome. Designed for a cardinal during the Renaissance, these gardens radiate harmony and peace, with their clever use of water, stone, and flowers. Check with your concierge to see if a performance is scheduled at the Fontana dell'Ovato: an auditorium located behind one of the garden's waterfalls. It's an amazing experience.

Roma, Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta

Look out for typical spring scenes during your Italian break.

You don't need to be close to famous gardens to enjoy the atmosphere of Italy's primavera. You just have to wander the streets of the country's ancient towns and cities, where the season constantly brings forth spectacles, tastes and celebrations.

Duck in and out of cliffside flower gardens on the Amalfi Coast, and mix up your trip with a visit to Pompeii. Or, dodge the summer crowds at Lake Como and catch the start of the warm weather, with blossom blowing across the waters.

If you're in Verona, you might stumble upon opera performances during the city's spring festival, while the cherry trees of Rome make a tour of the Forum and the city's other ancient sites even more memorable. Head to the Parco Lago dell'Eur for a blaze of pinks and whites -- the product of a wonderful gift from Japan in the 1950s.

Wherever you go, spring unfolds new joys and surprises all over Italy. But be sure to inquire at your Gruppo UNA hotel about local events. We don't want your spring break nature adventure to be marred by missing something special.

Enjoy a feast of art during a spring trip to Italy.

When you've soaked up the colours and scents of public gardens and beauty spots, it's only natural to explore how Italy's famous artists have interpreted the season of new growth and rebirth.

In Florence, the Uffizi gallery is the place to head. There, you can contemplate Botticelli's world-famous "Primavera" -- with its unusual combination of classical characters, lush spring vegetation, and a mysterious beauty at its heart.

Or, tour the galleries of Milan, where northern Renaissance painters constantly included spring blooms in their religious pictures. Look for carnations and roses - symbols of new life and faith - and you'll almost be able to smell the flowers you've just seen on your nature tours.

Rent a car and visit some stunning sites of natural beauty.

If the city doesn't appeal, and you want to get away from it all, Italy has more attractions to discover. There are some unforgettable regions which come alive as winter recedes, and most are within reach of a Gruppo UNA hotel.

For example, the Val d'Orcia in Tuscany glows with the brightest of greens when the chill of winter has been banished and the heat of summer hasn't yet descended. It's a great time to visit hilltop villages and sample local wines. Even better, the UNAHOTELS Palazzo Mannaioni Toscana isn't too far away.

UNAHOTELS Palazzo Mannaioni Toscana

Then, there are the meadows of the Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo. Few places in Europe bloom with so many wildflowers in spring, creating a breathtaking sight -- and perfect subject matter for Instagram fans. With a rental car, you can easily cross the mountains from the UH Deco Roma, and it's well worth the trip.

Pick Gruppo UNA for your Italian spring getaway.

Whether you want to stick to the parks and galleries of Florence or explore cities like Milan and Rome, we would be delighted to welcome you for a springtime escape. Many of our hotels are located within easy reach of natural sights which are unmissable spring attractions, and our staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.