Have you ever been at the Milan Design Week?

26 Mar 2019

Every year in April, designers and their latest creations are celebrated during Milan Design Week or Fuorisalone, along with the Milan Furniture Fair or Salone di Mobile. 

Milan design week guide.

The Milan Design Week dates for this year are April 8th-14th. During this time, Milan, Italy, is to host to over 1,000 design events. Visitors from all over the world hone in on the most stylish city to see new innovations and experience the creativity of thousands of designers. Events, displays and exhibitions cover every aspect of design. You will see offerings from car brands, watches and jewellery, furniture and art. It is truly a treat for the senses.

The majority of the Design Week events are held in the Brera Design District. The Brera Design Apartment is always a hotspot for displays and events. Various stores, showrooms and galleries will take part in Design Week in conjunction with local and international designers and brands. Indoor and outdoor designs, public displays and private exhibitions are all on offer.

Design furmiturr

Other areas and locations which host many Design Week events are Tortona, Ventura Centrale, Ventura Future and Superstudio Più. A variety of exhibitions have either a relaxed fair-like atmosphere or more of a museum idea, where products are only for visual appreciation. Exciting event locations, such as in an abandoned warehouse underneath Milan Central Station or a former pharmacy faculty, add to the appeal and interest of Design Week.

With the Gruppo UNA design hotel collection available throughout the city and an extensive transport system, no matter which events you plan on attending you will be well placed to do so.

Interior design and furniture.

A large part of Design Week is the presentation of new furniture and accessory designs. These exhibits include both residential and commercial designs. Design hotel brands, including Gruppo UNA, take inspiration from the displays and products in order to ensure their hotels remain at the forefront of design quality. Luxury hotels must stay current with design developments, new materials and colour trends to offer guests the best in design hotel finishes.

Lobby UNAHOTELS Century Milano

Design hotels in Italy.

Gruppo UNA offers some of the best design hotels in Italy, from an elegant boutique hotel to glass-fronted apartments overlooking beautiful beaches. We pride ourselves on excellent quality and only the best finishes. In addition to a stunning overall look, we want our hotel rooms to be functional and our guests to feel welcome and relaxed. We go above and beyond the usual luxury and offer a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Our design hotel collection is decorated based on the specific location they are situated in around Italy as well as the exterior of the property. Careful attention to the surroundings will dictate the room layout to maximise the views from within. The decorative theme will also be influenced by the area, florals and country-style in the rolling hills of Florence or sleek and contemporary in the recent Porta Nuova development area, for example.

We ensure that the interior design complements the main purpose of the hotel and the guests who visit. Whether it is a business or airport hotel, a beach holiday resort or a secluded villa, the design is carefully chosen to reflect the needs and desires of our guests.

Milan Design Week hotel bookings.

Every year there are around 400,000 visitors to Milan Design Week, so be sure to book accommodation as soon as possible. Fortunately, Gruppo UNA has 11 hotels and apartment complexes in and around Milan. Our properties reflect the range of design styles that you will see at events during Milan Design Week. We offer classic elegance in a traditional style as well as ultra-sleek contemporary finishes and modern simplicity. Whatever your individual design tastes, we have the place for you to stay. Every design hotel and all of our staff offer a warm Italian welcome, and excellent facilities and service.

Book a design hotel in Milan for a relaxing stay during the exciting Design Week. From the elegant UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano, to the modern luxury of UNAHOTELS Cusani Milano, we offer a wide range of styles and locations within Milan. Whether you are involved in the exhibitor's side of events, are visiting to buy for your business or home, or are simply attending to enjoy the displays of design, you will find the ideal design hotel to stay in.

Room at Maison Milano | UNA Esperienze