The best Sicilian beaches to ride perfect waves

15 Jun 2023

Who said that you have to go to the shores of California or to some exotic island to surf? Even in Italy there are several places where you can have fun riding the waves: one of these is Sicily.

There are plenty of beaches in Sicily where you can go with your board to enjoy the waves of the sea while the sun rises behind you. 

Discover the best beaches in Sicily for surfing.


Where to surf in Sicily


H2 - The Playa in Catania: surfing, snorkelling and beach volleyball


One of the most famous places in Sicily for surfing is La Playa, Catania's central lido and the perfect place to enjoy many sporting activities, from riding the waves on your board to windsurfing, snorkelling and beach volleyball. 

La Playa is a very wide beach of golden sand, stretching 18 km from Agnone Bagni, in the province of Syracuse, to the southern outskirts of Catania. It includes several seaside villages and, in addition to various sports activities, is known to be a popular destination for tourists and locals for its nightlife.

The Palace Catania | UNA Esperienze is the ideal hotel to stay in Catania and enjoy a few days here. This hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring the city and will give you a unique view of Mount Etna.  


Surfing in Giardini Naxos


If you were wondering where to surf in Sicily, one of the answers can only be Giardini Naxos. It is located 8 km from the town of Taormina and was a small fishing village until the 1970s. Today, it can boast a reputation as one of the most popular and popular seaside resorts. 

Here, the splendid cobalt-coloured sea and the always clear sky provide the ideal setting for a good surfing session. Among the famous beaches of Giardini Naxos are Porticciolo Saia and Schisò.


Surf in Sicily Giardini Naxos


If you are enchanted by the beaches of Giardini NaxosUNAHOTELS Naxos Beach Sicilia is the perfect place to relax, thanks to the presence of 4 swimming pools and a private beach. The hotel is surrounded by a citrus park that will enchant you with its scents and colours.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in nearby Taormina, here you will find UNAHOTELS Capotaormina, an establishment where elegance and charm reign supreme. It also boasts a private beach, a seawater swimming pool and views of Mount Etna.


The Faraglioni of Aci Trezza


If you want to go surfing in Sicily, you cannot fail to stop at Aci Trezza and admire its famous Faraglioni: an area known for its great historical value, with the rocks that in 1998 were included among the Integral Reserves of the Sicilian Region. A spectacular and adventurous scenery that sends water sports enthusiasts into raptures. 

For fans of mythology, there is a small curiosity linked to this locality. In the Odyssey, a legend is told about the origin of this area. The Faraglioni of Aci Trezza are said to have originated from the wrath of the Cyclops Polyphemus, who is said to have thrown the enormous stones in an attempt to stop Ulysses' escape.


The Mondello coastline, the home of surfing


Another destination to note for surfing in Sicily is Mondello, where winds blowing from the north and north-west create the perfect setting for getting on your board. It is no coincidence that the famous World Festival on the beach has been held here for 30 years, a kermesse with exhibitions and competitions in surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and many other activities.

The bathing establishments are equipped to provide sportsmen and women with everything they need to practice these sports as well as other activities such as rowing and snorkelling.


Surf in Sicily San Vito Lo Capo


The Bay of San Vito lo Capo


San Vito lo Capo is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Sicily and beyond: nestled between the Zingaro Oriented Nature Reserve and the Gulf of Macari, every year many tourists come to admire this unique landscape and its crystal-clear waters.  

Here you can enjoy surfing, stroll along the shore, explore the underwater caves or go sailing. Among the most beautiful beaches here, one cannot fail to mention Cala Bue Marino, Cala Calazza, Castelluzzo beach, Baia Santa Margherita and the Tonnara del Secco beach.


Surfing and windsurfing at the Cefalù coastline


The seafront of Cefalù, a coastal town in northern Sicily, is a must for surfingwindsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. There are several bathing establishments where all these activities can be practised, ploughing through the turquoise waves that characterise this stretch of coastline.

Cefalù is one of the largest seaside resorts in the whole of Sicily, and this is due to its wonderful beaches: from the Lido to Caldura beach, passing by Capo Playa, Salinelle, Sant'Ambrogio and Pollina beach. You will also find plenty of clubs, restaurants and shops where you can enjoy local food and go shopping. 


Whether you are a fan of surfing or have always dreamt of getting into it but haven't found the ideal placeSicily is the right destination for you. Enjoy the summer riding the waves surrounded by the unique scenery of this region.