Smart Meeting Room

State-of-the-art technology for your event

The SmartRoom at Milano Verticale is set up with state-of-the-art technology to enable fully participated events and fully remote events, or a mix of the two, in other words with both people participating in person and remotely. So people not physically present are guaranteed the same user experience as the people participating in the room.


What's the SmartRoom like and how does it work? In the "Collaboration" world, the challenge to keep it efficient is to make sure that all the parties involved can use the tools and features in an easy, direct and immediate way, so that everything is as familiar as possible, but providing real, valid support when needed.


The room comprises a wall with panels that can be used both for projecting and as a whiteboard. Two high-definition laser projectors display one 100-inch image each, or a single image of up to 155 inches, with special touch technology on the wall, making it an innovative, highly digital experience. The surface images are projected onto becomes interactive and people can participate using not just the special pens supplied with the projectors, but also - thanks to the Finger Touch function - simply by using their fingers. Two webcams enable remote participants to see the speaker and the audience, and a highly innovative environmental audio capture system will transmit the room's audio to them, allowing them to hear the audience speak, even if they don't have a microphone. Vice versa, people can speak remotely at any time, with their words broadcast via the room's audio system.  This type of user experience makes remote participation highly immersive, ensuring that people not present in the room don't miss any content, even from participants in the room, just as if they were actually physically taking part in the conference.


What can you do with a SmartRoom? Watch the video.



Teams, the Microsoft collaboration tool that Gruppo UNA uses, makes it possible to share images, videos, PDFs, Office documents and website links with remote people, but also enables participants in the room to view event slides on their personal devices from the comfort of their seat. The event can also be recorded and made available for subsequent viewing on the web, enabling anyone who couldn't take part, or people who want to go over the most important steps again, to do so where, when and how they choose.
Milano Verticale | UNA Esperienze has carefully studied the market and set up a technologically innovative meeting room with a bespoke solution, analysing requirements down to the tiniest detail and producing something that is totally unique for the world of hotels, and perhaps further afield too. To achieve all this, it has had the support of an innovative Milan-based start-up, Divox, skilled experts in the Digital world.



Hotel digital SmartRoom summary:

The tech equipment in the Spire Room includes two next-generation Epson interactive video projectors that project large, scalable images and make it easier to collaborate, engage and share knowledge with people participating in person or remotely, using a video camera and the most innovative and versatile connectivity options. Service to be requested when asking for a quote, with the possibility of:

  1. Full HD 16:9 laser projections with multi-touch pen and Finger Touch function;
  2. Split Screen mode to project content from different video sources;
  3. wireless BYOD connectivity with Screen Mirroring;
  4. high-impact content with multi-touch projections up to 155 inches.



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