A great novelty among Gruppo UNA’s facilities

2 Sep 2022

Gruppo UNA continues to expand its portfolio of facilities throughout Italy, adding the new UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence to its collection.

Treviso, with its history and breathtaking landscapes, is the ideal setting for a weekend or a trip out of town and Gruppo UNA, always attentive to synergy with the host territory, chooses to invest in this very area.


UNAHOTELS LE terrazze Treviso opens its doors


Let’s find out more about the UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence and all the sights to see in the host city.


Hotel in Treviso that’s right for you


UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence is a four-star superior hotel that consolidates the presence in Veneto of the UNAHOTELS brand, a segment dedicated to the group’s upscale clientele characterised by attention to detail in settings rich in charm and history.

This hotel is no exception and it is no coincidence that it is located very close to the historic centre of Treviso, in a strategic position that allows you to explore all the most characteristic aspects of the city. Moreover, from here you can also easily reach the highway and Treviso Airport.

This makes it ideal for business travellers as well as for those who want to carve out some time for relaxation and culture. And why not, also of sport in company.

UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence is in fact the landing point of cycle paths thanks to which you can discover the heart of Veneto with a completely new look. There are two paths, one perfect for curious families and the other more suitable for enthusiasts who want to put themselves to the test. Find out all the details here.

The Treviso-Ostiglia is 55 km long, all of it rideable, and follows the old railway that connected the two cities during World War II. The route is mostly shady thanks to the dense vegetation as well as paved, making it ideal for any accompanying children.

If, on the other hand, you want to pick up the pace, the Sile Green Way: Treviso-Jesolo is the choice for you: 65 km with an elevation gain of 80 metres. In the 5 hours of cycling required, you will be able to admire incredible views of this area, including the Alzaia del Sile, one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe and famous for being the final stretch of the Munich-Venice cycle path.


Where to sleep in Treviso UNAHOTELS


UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence has three types of rooms designed for the various needs of its guests. You can choose between Prestige, a design room in a bright, spacious environment; Business, with a modern style and ideal for business travellers; and finally Relax with its terrace overlooking the Veneto countryside.

But that’s not all, because the hotel also has a residence format where you can find all the services you need for a comfortable stay.  The choice is between a one-room apartment for two guests or a two-room apartment for three, with special rates designed for those who choose to stay for more than a fortnight.

And for those who want to reduce space and schedule problems to zero, the hotel offers its penthouses with panoramic terraces for exclusive use, modern furnishings and capacity for four guests.


What to see in Treviso


UNAHOTELS Le Terrazze Treviso Hotel & Residence is also a perfect starting point for exploring the evocative city: and if you are wondering what to see in and around Treviso here are some suggestions.

The first stop can only be Piazza dei Signori, the symbol and beating heart of ‘Little Venice’: elegant porticoes, boutiques and restaurants that reflect the worldly and well-groomed soul of Treviso and its ancient tradition.


What to see in Treviso


Facing the square you will find some of the most important and famous buildings such as the Palazzo del Podestà, the Torre Civica and the Palazzo dei Trecento, which can only be visited during exhibitions and events. From here opens Calmaggiore, the main street of Treviso, which will lead you to the Duomo.

Calmaggiore, besides being full of shops with dreamy shop windows, is also a real gateway to the past. Here you can admire the remains of the ancient Roman road on which it stands: the entrance to this world is in the basement of the Argenteria Marza.

Widening our gaze a little, we come to the walls of Treviso, once the main outpost of the Venetian Republic on the mainland. Evidence of this can be seen in the lion at the three entrance gates: Porta San Tommaso, Porta Santi Quaranta and Porta Altinia.

So let yourself be transported back to Treviso’s glorious past by visiting what remains of the ancient city walls and surrounding areas, where waterways and villas stand out with their suspended wash houses and enchanted gardens.

Not to mention all the gastronomic wonders that can be found in Little Venice, home of Prosecco among other things and Tiramisu, which was born here and which you really must try.



The surroundings of Treviso: what to see


And what about the surroundings of Treviso? Know that near the city you can visit several of the most famous villages in the entire Veneto region and included in the prestigious association Italy’s most beautiful villages:


  • Asolo, defined by Carducci as ‘the city of a hundred horizons’, where you can admire unique monuments such as the Maglio di Pagnano and the Villa degli Armeni from its suggestive position atop the Masano Hill.
  • Cison di Valmarino and its unique historical centre where time seems to stand still. Let yourself be fascinated by Palazzo Barbi and the Loggia, built in the mid-17th century to house the town courthouse that has now become a theatre.
  • Follina and its spirit of an ancient monastic town still survives in the Abbey of Santa Maria in Sanavalle where the Cloister, completed in 1268, stands out. The oldest part of the building is the bell tower of Romanesque origin that has stood the test of time. 
  • Portobuffolè, famous above all for the renowned Casa Gaia, where the poetess Gaia da Camino lived in the 14th century, also mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy. Inside, you can immerse yourself in the cultural life of the times thanks to the frescoes still preserved and visitable on the first and second floors.


What to see in the surroundings of Treviso


And then there are villages that, even if not included in this list, are still worth a visit: among these are Giaviera del Montello with its British cemetery and Montebelluna, where you can go shopping and taste the tasty Angeliche.

Last but not least, Nervesa della Battaglia with its Sant’Eustachio Abbey, once a Benedictine monastery and now a multifunctional centre where many cultural initiatives, competitions, film evenings and much more are held.


Now you have an extensive list of suggestions on what to do in Treviso and what to see in its surroundings: history, culture, good food and natural beauty to discover will give you a truly unique experience.