Italy at Easter time

17 Apr 2019

Bright processions wind their way through cobbled streets and festivities continue for five days, from Holy Thursday until the following Monday. 

Easter in Naples

If you are on the hunt for a true expression of Italian culture and lifestyle, then look no further than a trip to the southern city of Naples (Napoli). Sitting on the Bay of Naples, with views of the still-active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, Naples is a raw and incredibly unique destination that is widely considered to be the home of the finest Italian cuisine. Cooling sea winds and bright spring sunshine make Easter the best time to visit Naples. 

Explore Naples

In between all of the Easter celebrations and local food, you should find time to head out and experience the essence of Naples and the surrounding countryside. Whether you are interested in the wonders of ancient history or the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous, this part of southern Italy has you covered with a real variety of destinations and activities.

A short drive or bus ride from Naples; the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii are widely considered some of the finest examples of Roman architecture in the world. Superbly preserved under volcanic rock when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, the ruins contain an entire city and a perfect image of life in Roman times. Walk along cobbled streets and admire glorious and brightly coloured frescos, painted on the walls of spectacular villas. 

In the southern part of the Bay of Naples lies the Isle of Capri. This stunning island is famous for its designer shopping and luxury hotels, but there is enough rugged charm to give everyone a slice of La Dolce Vita! Take a boat tour around the Blue Grotto where the light shines through a cave opening and gives the water its famous neon blue colour. Enjoy a stroll along roads lined with the citrus scent of lemon trees and try a sip of limoncello, the famous local lemon liqueur. Ferries run straight from Naples to Capri or you can drive along a short and scenic coastline road to Sorrento and catch a boat from there. 

Easter in Italy: food in Naples

Food is serious business in Italy at Easter time and this is especially true in Naples. Tradition and religious significance dictate the content of local menus during Easter, with eggs and lamb providing the foundation to plenty of dishes across the city. On Holy Thursday, however, a local speciality is Zuup’ ‘e Cozz’ – a delicious seafood broth containing mussels and octopus and crisp croutons to soak up the juices. Easter in Naples is never complete without a slice of delicious Pastiera Napoletana alongside a strong espresso. This traditional sweet cake is made using ricotta, spices and orange blossom water and takes two days to bake, allowing the flavours to mature perfectly. The culinary crescendo takes place on Sunday when Easter lunch is served. Several generous courses include dishes of grilled lamb and chicken soups alongside a Neapolitan staple: fried artichokes.

The street food scene is one of the city’s main attractions, and Easter in Naples provides one of the best opportunities to grab some authentic local bites. The Piazza Dante hosts the Naples Street Food Festival during Easter week, with many vendors taking part. Alongside the food, you can enjoy traditional folk music and dancing and spend the day being transported back in time to when this part of the city was a bustling marketplace. This unique and colourful event is an essential activity for anyone who wants to experience the joy and energy of the Neapolitan locals!

If you are looking to absorb the local gastronomic delights, it is best to base yourself in the heart of the city. The beautiful UNAHOTELS Napoli is a historical building conveniently located in the city centre, close to many transport links. This elegant and refined hotel has a wonderful rooftop restaurant and bar with spectacular views over the city, serving traditional and international cuisine. When you finish your foodie adventure, make sure to head on up and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset over Vesuvius.

Whatever you decide to do in your trip to Italy, we look forward to providing you with a warm and memorable experience for your Easter break. Check out our other articles for tips on how to plan a perfect Italian holiday for Easter or any other time of year!