Relax and absorb Sicilian life.

30 May 2019

Gruppo UNA

This historic city, once the largest in the ancient world, is a glorious mix of old-world beauty and classic Sicilian culture and is the perfect location for an Italian Summer getaway. The city and its landscape dominate the senses; the wonder of the azure blue sea plays backdrop to sun-scorched ivory buildings and ancient Grecian ruins. The smell of citrus fruit fills the air, with orange and lemon orchards scattered amongst the city. 

A Tour in Syracuse: relax and absorb Sicilian life.

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a holiday in Syracuse and Sicily. The weather is fantastic and there is very little chance that rain will dampen your plans for outdoor adventure.

No trip to Syracuse is complete without a visit to the astonishing historical centre, Ortygia (Ortigia).

Stepping across the Umbertino bridge that connects Ortygia to the mainland, you are transported to a chic and elegant neighbourhood and the most beautiful part of the area. Wander along old streets whilst you sample many of the finest Gelato in Italy, the warm sea breeze on your face.

If it is the culinary delights of Sicily that you are after, then the local food market in Ortygia will keep you entertained for hours. This is the best place to surround yourself with local vendors and regional treats: from chilli peppers grown in Etna to some of the freshest seafood around.

The culture of theatre plays a big role in Syracuse life, and anyone visiting should make sure to pay a visit to the Greek Theatre (Teatro Greco) located on the southern slope of Temenite hill. This incredibly ancient theatre was built in the 5th century BC and still stands proudly overlooking the city today, complete with magnificent views of the surrounding area. During the early Summer months, the theatre plays host to a series of wonderful classical performances, from tragedies to comedies.

If you travel a short distance outside the city walls, lovers of the beach lifestyle will be impressed by one of the best beaches in Syracuse and Sicily: Fontane Bianche. This long stretch of glistening sand is a popular tourist destination and provides some of the best swimming, snorkelling or diving destinations on the island. When you are finished sunbathing, there are plenty of bars and restaurants from which to enjoy the view and unwind with a glass of wine.

Sicily: Syracuse weather.

The weather in Syracuse during the summer months is dry and hot, making it an ideal Summer destination in Italy. The hot season falls between June and September, and temperatures usually sit around 30 degrees C during the day and 20 degrees C at night. The city of Syracuse is nestled on the coast and right on the sea, with hot winds blowing up from the Sahara during Summer months. This makes the weather perfect for sunbathing and swimming, so make sure you pack your swimming gear!

How to get to Syracuse, Sicily.

You can fly to Catania in Sicily from most main UK airports. Once you are in Sicily, to get from Catania to Syracuse you can take a train ride down the coast to your final destination. It is also an easy drive along beautiful seaside roads that wind along by the ocean if you are renting a car.

However you decide to spend your Summer in Italy, we look forward to welcoming you for a warm and memorable experience.

Where to stay in Syracuse, Sicily.

Syracuse is easy to navigate on foot and so accommodation near the centre provides an ideal base to explore from. The good news is that Gruppo UNA has you covered when it comes to a perfect location. The UNAHOTELS One Siracusa is situated a very short walk from the sea and the city centre and is situated in arguably the best area to stay in Syracuse and Sicily. This elegant and modern hotel offers a range of facilities including a wellness centre with cave spa and steam grotto, for when you need to unwind after a day of visiting ancient sites.

If you are looking for authentic Italian food with a modern twist, then look no further than the celebrated Akademia restaurant. This hotel eatery serves gourmet food with local ingredients and recipes, perfect for any fanatical foodie! And if you want to continue your holiday into the early hours, the Sky Roof turns in to a club when the Sicilian sunsets.