Even this year Gruppo UNA is "100% green".

27 May 2019

Gruppo UNA

Gruppo UNA resolutely turns towards a more marked commitment to sustainability, aware of the urgent need to activate good environmental protection practices in its hotels and within the entire purchasing cycle.

This year Gruppo UNA has been certified as a 100% green company in terms of energy consumption, thanks to the exclusive purchase of energy from renewable plants (hydroelectric, wind and solar) with a consequent significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, a recently introduced practice is the use of only recycled paper for carrying out all the operational activities, in the Milan office and at the hotels. A further step towards sustainability within a three-year path designed to limit the Group's environmental footprint.

UNAHOTELS Poggio dei Medici

UNA Group, for sustainable hotels and tourism.

Investment solutions are being studied, and in some cases have already been implemented, which will guarantee a more respectful and conscious use of energy and water resources. These projects will concern both building envelopes (thermal insulation, doors and windows, etc.) and technological plants with high-efficiency systems that will improve environmental comfort while fully respecting energy consumption and with particular attention to CO2 emissions.

Gruppo UNA, aware that energy consumption often depends on human behaviour, has embarked on a "green" path and training activity which will involve Gruppo UNA staff, to create a greater awareness of sustainability and respect for the environment.

UNAHOTELS Golf Hotel Cavaglià

A commitment that "will be renewed in the coming years".

"The future of sustainable tourism is possible and within our reach. Some steps have already been taken, but our commitment does not end today and will indeed be renewed in the coming years, to be ever more concrete and tangible "- commented Fabrizio Gaggio, Gruppo UNA General Manager.

"Sustainability - understood as the ability to live and work in full respect of the environment using the available means and without compromising the capabilities of future generations - must become a mantra for companies and a positive lifestyle for all of us. The next concrete step of Gruppo UNA will concern the management of waste through a purchasing policy aimed at reducing packaging in order to limit its production and will see the collaboration of companies and companies specialized in their management and regeneration".