The best of the Eternal City.

28 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

When the temperatures rise, the city celebrates the season with a series of festivals and events ranging from food and music festivals to opera and film, and there is always something to enjoy. So after you visit the iconic Colosseum and Pantheon, make sure to fill your agenda with some of the finest summer programmes available.

The middle of summer and July, in particular, are the most popular times to visit Rome, and the city is filled with noise and excitement. Tourists and locals mingle together to witness what's on in Rome, enjoying local food and culture and admiring one of the most famous cities in the world. In this piece, we will discuss the best events in Rome and what you shouldn't miss if you visit the city in the summer.

Fontana di Trevi, Rome

Shakespeare's Globe in Villa Borghese.

The last place you might expect to see a replica of the famous Elizabethan Globe theatre is in a park in Rome – Villa Borghese to be exact.  But during the summer months, some of Shakespeare's finest plays including A Midsummer Nights Dream and Much Ado About Nothing are performed under the stars in the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre. The theatre is built with two levels including balconies and a standing section if you want to be really involved in the action. The performances are in Italian and offer one of the finest environments to immerse yourself in some of the finest plays in the world.

Villa Borghese, Rome

Best events in Rome: Summer 2019 programe.

The famous Tiber river runs through the centre of Rome and is the location of one of the top summer festivals in Rome – Lungo il Tevere. This summer-long celebration features pop-up food vendors and bars as well as live music and stalls selling arts and crafts. This market-style event is a perfect way to wind down your evening in the capital and move from restaurant to bar, enjoying the waterside view under the stars.

On the last two weeks of July, the festival Festa dei Noantri, which translates as 'The Festival for the Rest of Us', takes place in the Trastevere neighbourhood of Rome. This local festival focuses on the Feast of Santa Maria del Carmine and sees her statue carried between local churches in the neighbourhood, accompanied by music and pilgrims. The finale of the festival sees the statue being sent back to its original home, via a boat on the Tiber, in a religious ceremony. 

If you are an opera fan, the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma runs its summer series of performances in the beautiful, ancient ruins of the Baths of Caracalla. These Roman baths are the second biggest in the world, and when lit up, they offer a haunting and magical location for the operatic performance. The performances also include ballet, with productions of Romeo and Juliet featuring on the schedule. This is definitely one of the most romantic events to enjoy in Rome in August and should not be missed.

In the evening, when temperatures have dropped, it is pleasant to seek entertainment outside in parks and piazzas, and there are plenty in Rome in July and August. Estate Romana organises a series of events including outdoor music and pop-up cinema screenings in and around the city. Musical events take place in the evenings at Castel Sant'Angelo, a mausoleum built by the emperor Hadrian on the Tiber river. On the Tiberina island, screenings of films, both modern and vintage take place every evening through July and August in perfect surroundings with views of the city and river.

Striking architecture in the heart of Rome.

In order to take full advantage of the incredible events and festivals on offer, it is often advantageous to be located near the city centre. The UNAHOTELS Decò Roma combines the stylings of art deco and the comfort of modern living in a hotel that is based on the historic centre of Rome. Close to transport links and the main train station, the hotel offers convenience, and Gruppo UNA would be pleased to welcome you on your stay with warm Italian hospitality.


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