Wonders, inspiration and education. Rome has everything but boredom.

21 Sep 2023

Gruppo UNA

The Eternal City of Rome is the perfect destination for teaching youngsters to appreciate ancient history, alongside art history, and there are many key historical artworks and famous museums in the city. 

Our travel team at Gruppo UNA has recently posted an article about family holidays to Rome, and you can read it for more inspiration and information about tours of the Colosseum, alongside Roman puppet shows. However, in this post, we'll focus instead on some of the art and exhibitions in Rome, museums that will interest kids and adults alike, and active cultural activities to enhance any child's education and inspire a lifelong love of learning. 

Art galleries, Museums, and Exhibitions in Rome.

Some of the upcoming cultural events in Rome likely to prove interesting for kids and adults alike include:

1. Picasso Exhibition.

The Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea hosts some of the most amazing art-gallery shows in Rome and is staging an exhibition of Pablo Picasso's works from 1953-73 in Autumn 2019.  Don't miss this opportunity to see Picasso's lesser-known late works, and gain a new understanding of this prolific and endlessly inventive key figure in modern art.

2. Museums in Rome.

The Rome Explora Children's Museum, Il Museo Dei Bambini di Roma, is another fantastic kids' cultural activity, sure to enthuse any child with a love of learning. Children can explore their favourite subjects or topics of interest at the museum, including sustainability, eating, science exhibits, and outdoor or garden themed exhibits. It's quite possible to spend a day or more discovering the treasure trove of learning exhibits at the Childrens' Museum, however, time inside is limited to an hour in order to reduce overcrowding and queues. You can book a double tour online, or arrange more than one visit to the museum during any stay in Rome. The museum is also available for group school visits, by prior arrangement. The Childrens' Museum is located in the city centre, close by the Piazza del Popolo and has a visitor car park.  Check out more details on the museum website. 

3.  Vatican Museums and collections.

The Vatican is home to a number of interesting museums and archaeological sites, including the Egyptian Museum, Etruscan Museum, and the recently excavated site of the ancient Roman burial ground of the Necropolis of Via Triumphalis. The Catholic Church played a vital part in funding and preserving art and culture following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, so a tour of the Vatican is always recommended for any cultural weekend visit. Younger kids may find the three hours Guided Faith Tour a little difficult, but it is also possible to admire Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling separately if preferred. 

Walking tours in Rome to check out unmissable monuments. 

It goes without saying that the Colosseum is one of the unmissable archaeological sites in Rome, and a trip to admire the beauty of Vatican Square is another essential aspect and learning opportunity for any visit. The Trevi Fountain, the Ponte dei Quattro Capi Bridge, and the Pantheon are just a few more inspirational sites and all the above can easily be pulled in during walks around the city, something active kids are sure to appreciate.  

Art in Rome

The view from the top of St Peter's Basilica is spectacular, and kids of all ages will enjoy the climb to the top of the dome. The mosaics and interior of the Basilica dome will also intrigue any child. Gianicolo Hill (pictured below) is another site offering superb panoramic views across the city of Rome, and kids can also let off a little steam during the climb.

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