The perfect way to spend a cultural weekend in the city.

19 Jul 2019

Leonardo DA VINCI 3D

This is the year of Leonardo da Vinci. For months, throughout Italy, there has been a fascinating relay between exhibitions and festivals that celebrate the Italian genius 500 years after his death.

Milan, in particular, is one of the protagonists of this long period of rediscovery and tributes, certainly worthwhile to spend a weekend with the family and discover the many proposals of the city.

Events in Milan on Leonardo da Vinci: (re)discover it in 3D.

The genius of the Renaissance comes to life in the Cathedral of the Fabbrica del Vapore, in Via Procaccini 4, until 22 September 2019.

Imagine an event in which sounds, lights and colours combine perfectly to give life to an exhibition with a futuristic appeal, different from what one would expect to see in a traditional art exhibition. Leonardo da Vinci 3D presents, in fact, augmented reality, HD projections, virtual reality and even a hologram within its immersive path. Everything is carefully studied to take you on an original and alternative journey to discover Leonardo, his life and his works, an explosive, surprising and multisensory virtual story.

The exhibition path.

The space dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci 3D hosts the path divided into specific areas: a first room is dedicated to the historical picture of the character of Leonardo and his works, with a timeline on the stages of Leonardo's life and a series of models of the machines he conceived and created, reproduced according to the dictates of the Da Vinci codes.

Next, there is the gallery with the artist's paintings, the room with Leonardo's hologram that speaks directly to visitors, the hall of mirrors dedicated to flight and the study of flying machines, and the immersive room, the main show of the exhibition.

Next, the room where, thanks to the collaboration with Fratelli Alinari, period photographs of the bombing of Santa Maria delle Grazie (headquarters of the Cenacle) and its reconstruction are displayed, together with documentation of the discovery of the Mona Lisa after the theft.

Also on display in the centre of the room is an original historic machine by the Alinari Brothers and some authentic copies of the Da Vinci Codes. And then again the life-size representation of the Last Supper and a space dedicated to virtual, interactive and educational experiences.

Leonardo da Vinci's exhibitions for children: the path dedicated to children.

Leonardo da Vinci 3D offers an exciting and engaging edutainment experience. Thanks to the app dedicated to the exhibition, visitors can follow a virtual path on their Android tool (smartphone or tablet), where they can discover content in augmented reality and participate in games and entertainment.

Furthermore, an exhibition hall is entirely dedicated to activities and workshops for the little ones, organized by Artebambini. An excellent opportunity to spend special and fun moments with the family.

Leonardo da Vinci 3D in the Gruppo UNA hotels.

Thanks to the agreement between the Gruppo UNA and Leonardo da Vinci 3D, all guests of the Gruppo UNA hotels in Milan will have the opportunity to enter the exhibition with a reduced entrance ticket instead of a full ticket, at a cost of 12 euros instead of 14 from Monday to Friday , and 14 euros instead of 16 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience an unrepeatable experience, which will remain etched in your memory and which will make you rediscover a unique genius that continues to amaze even centuries later.