Spring Break in Rome: what to see, where to sleep

Rome offers an adventure for every taste.

27 Feb 2019

In Rome, the great variety of historical places like the world-famous Colosseum, monuments, art galleries and museums is made more exciting by the retail shopping potential, cosy bistros (complete, with the scent of coffee and pastries) and the nightlife. Hotel, beach resort, villa and B&B accommodation is plentiful and includes premium 4 and 5-star hotels as well as spas and wellness hotels.

How to celebrate spring in Rome.

Steeped in history but blended with cosmopolitan life, the city of Rome offers an adventure for every taste. Travelling to Rome in spring is a delight to the senses, with flowers in bloom, pleasant weather and various events and festivals. From the echoing halls of places of worship to classical ruins, cultural festivals, fountains and ancient palazzos dating back to the Renaissance, there are hundreds of places to see.

Travelling to Rome in spring.

Even when on a short spring break in Italy 2019, visitors can see the Sistine Chapel, art and artefacts in the Vatican museums, the world-famous Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. A short break in Rome gives you time to enjoy shopping, experience gourmet dining, shop for Italian wine and local cheeses... and simply relax.

If you have more time, opt for a more leisurely tour that includes the Vatican gardens as well as the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, St Peter's Square and Palatine Hill. In the surrounding countryside, you will find villages and picturesque views that are largely missed by the tourist droves. The Castello Ruspoli Garden and Villa Lante Gardens are also found here. You could even visit the nearby Rome beaches.

Spring break destinations in Italy for families with children.

Traveling with children can be challenging, especially if they are very young. Pleasing the tweens and teens in your group can be hard when on a family trip, but Rome does offer some excellent options. Children can climb up into St Peter's dome, visit Gladiator School, throw coins into the Trevi fountain, run in the gardens and parks, learn to make pizza, explore the catacombs and enjoy a day trip to Pompei, where history seems to come alive.

Weather and event guide: the best times to visit Italy.

From April to June, the weather is milder than in the following months, but it's still very warm and sunny, and there are fewer tourists and locals on holiday. Prices are lower and seasonal specials are offered by restaurants and tour companies. These are bonuses you likely won't find in the summer months, which can be hot, crowded and expensive.

Easter events in Rome are held during spring when you can also visit the opening of the municipal rose garden, commemorative events at the Colosseum, the annual Primo Maggio concert and Vatican night tours, which are one of the most enjoyable ways of seeing Rome in springtime. If you're looking for a culinary reason to visit Rome, try out a food and wine tasting tour which showcases local cuisine and wine at cosy restaurants - before buying some vino to take home.

How to dress for spring.

Wondering what to pack for spring in Rome? Layers are essential, as the weather is warm but changeable. Some jeans or pants are a great idea. If visiting the Vatican or basilicas, skirts below the knee and tops that cover the shoulders are good ideas. Take a waterproof jacket as well, just in case of showers.

Where to sleep: Hotels in Rome.

A spring break for Rome locals includes relaxation, great food and seeing sights both on and off the beaten track. If you're planning a luxury holiday break in Rome, you are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to hotels. From 4 and 5-star luxury spots to wellness spas and hotels with sporting facilities, there are many options.

The UNAHOTELS Decò Roma is a beautiful, historic 4-star hotel featuring Italian art deco-inspirations, and it's only a 60-second walk from the Termini train and metro stations in Rome, 2 km from the Colosseum and a mere 4 km from St. Peter's Basilica in the historic centre of the city. It's also close to the Tridente area for shopping.

Rooms at the UNAHOTELS Decò Roma are designed with contemporary furnishings and minibars, and if you need more space, you can upgrade to a suite with a living room. Upper-floor suites include a terrace to enjoy Rome views.

Gruppo UNA hotels are well-known and loved by travellers to Rome. When booking with us, you can expect that your lodgings will not only be comfortable, relaxed and well-equipped but also offer traditional Italian hospitality.