In Rome with the family: tips and suggestion to visit the city

The perfect holiday for kids.

30 Jul 2019

Gruppo UNA

At Gruppo UNA, our teams know every puppet theatre water park, and family-friendly restaurants in the metropolitan region. If you need to keep kids occupied, that won't be a problem when you stay at the UNAHOTELS Decò Roma – a city-centre hotel with spacious rooms, friendly staff and superb food.


So what kind of activities and attractions will staff recommend? Here are a few family-friendly ideas to help you enjoy a Roman holiday to the full.

Use Bus Tours to make seeing the sights easy.

When you travel to Rome with your family, it might not be possible to spend all day at the Villa Borghese or to see every public attraction in the Vatican. Kids being kids, they won't want to spend so much time in one place. But there is a solution.

In Rome, various companies offer bus tours of the city, generally providing "hop-on, hop-off" services that are extremely flexible, and not too expensive. There are 5 choices at the moment, and your Gruppo UNA concierge will be able to explain their routes and prices as well as how to find the nearest stop.

Be warned though: sometimes tourists are approached by illegal ticket sellers (often outside Termini station). Don't fall for their sales talk. Buy tickets through the hotel or bus tour websites.

Spend an afternoon at Bioparco.

Located on the site of the Villa Borghese, Bioparco is Rome's premier animal attraction and should be a great way to keep youngsters occupied. The zoo is open every day (apart from Christmas), and it's easily accessible via Metro services or buses. 

When you get there, you'll find kids' play areas by the zoo's lake, animal feeding sessions, cute trains which shuttle visitors around the different zones, and plenty of local characters, including elephants, brown bears, mandrills and zebras.

Roma, Bioparco

The petting zoo is a particular highlight for younger children, with a friendly bunch of goats, pigs, donkeys, rabbits and lambs. And staff will introduce children to the inhabitants while ensuring that everyone stays completely safe.

Take a trip to Rome's Amusement Parks.

Like any major world city, Rome hosts a number of family-friendly water and amusement parks, and they offer an easy day out for families who are tired of trekking around historical locations.

Although it is based on a historical film studio, Cinecitta doesn't require any specialist movie knowledge to enjoy its rollercoasters (but if you do have a passion for film, you'll love the exhibits and design of the park). Rainbow Magic Land offers a Disney-style experience, with enchanted castles and palaces to explore. 

But if the temperatures are high, something that's often the case during the Roman summer, water parks are the only place to head. Parks like Hydromania are a short taxi ride from the city centre and are fantastic places to cool off – with plenty of adrenaline rushes available to satisfy thrill-seekers as well.

Hear tales of adventure and battle at the Colosseum.

The Colosseum tends to be a must-visit during any visit to Rome for families, and very few young visitors leave disappointed. Don't assume that this is a simple ancient ruin, with a few architectural features to explore, and historical references that only adults can appreciate.

Roma, Colosseo

Instead, the Colosseum comes alive with bloodthirsty stories when talented guides are there to show guests around. And kids love bloodthirsty stories – especially when gladiators and lions are involved.

See the locations where wild animals were kept prior to battles, and where condemned prisoners waited to be released into the arena. Learn about the intricate mechanisms required to keep the building running. Kids tend to become totally absorbed by the Colosseum's stories – but book tours in advance. Queuing can be a real pain.

Enjoy a Roman puppet show.

Romans haven't always been entertained by gladiatorial combat and football. The city also has an ancient puppetry tradition, and there are still a few places to watch this magical art form.

Kids will adore the open-air puppet shows at the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo (not far from Piazzale Garibaldi). Italy's version of Punch and Judy will be there, arguing as fiercely as ever, but spectators can also see a few familiar characters from TV, such as The Simpsons.

Even better, puppet shows are usually free of charge but check with your concierge to find out the time of the day's performances.

Plan your Roman escape and keep the whole family happy.

Rome always makes an impression on younger visitors. Whether they fall in love with the art and history, find food they adore, or just get a kick out of the city's many amusement parks, Italy's capital is the perfect destination for youngsters.

When you head to Rome, Gruppo UNA is ready to provide your accommodation. Our hotels offer comfortable accommodation, first-class food, and convenient locations. So get in touch, make a booking, and start planning a family holiday in Rome that everyone will love.

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