Artissima 2022 Turin

Artissima 2022: Contemporary Art in Turin

From Lingotto Fiere to Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze, the places of contemporary art in Turin

29 Oct 2022

Turin is once again hosting one of the leading contemporary art fairs in Italy. Artissima is about to open the doors of its 29th edition, which will feature galleries from all over the world with many works, special guests and exciting initiatives.

The festival will be held from 4 to 6 November, with some previews starting on the 3rd, at the Turin Oval where you will find projects and ideas celebrating this current. But that's not all: the whole city will come alive with exhibitions and shows involving some of the most symbolic corners of the capital.


Artissima Turin contemporary art exhibition


Are you curious to know everything about Artissima 2022? Discover the dates, events and some of the guests of the event celebrating the different faces of contemporary art.


Artissima: dates and projects on show


Every journey in art begins with a theme, and that of Artissima 2022 in Turin is Transformative Experience. Works that change the people who experience them and open up new perspectives: this is the red thread of the new edition. 

Artissima takes place at the Lingotto Fiere Torino and is open to the public from 12 noon to 8 p.m. on the first two days, while on Sunday 6 you can visit the seven sections designed to tell the story of contemporary art from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Main Section hosts a hundred national and international realities, while New Entries gives space to the most interesting emerging realities.

The contemporary art fair in Turin consists of three additional sections headed by a board of curators that enrich the Artissima 2022 panel of events.

These are Present Future, dedicated to emerging artists, Back to the future, designed to display some pioneers of contemporary art, and Drawings, conceived for aspects of drawing. Each of these will have a monographic pavilion and dedicated insights on the digital platform.


Arts in the streets of Turin


Turin will not only host Artissima 2022 but become part of it in a sort of large contemporary art museum. Many projects and exhibitions will animate the city.


Principi di Piemonte Turin Salone delle Feste


One example is the exhibition hosted at the Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze. The collaboration between Artissima and UNA Esperienze is renewed for the third year, which provides Salone delle Feste at the Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze. Here you will find the work Tempo Rizomatico.

Curated by Diego Cibelli of the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery in Naples, the work is the result of artistic research that starts from the study of space and the complexity of time in Italy.

Working with ceramics, the artist offers at Salone delle Feste a unique display, capable of conveying these concepts and surprising visitors with a spectacle not to be missed.

Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze, thanks to its location in the city centre, becomes the ideal starting point to reach the Oval and explore all of Turin. Immerse yourself in the city's streets while breathing in the unique atmosphere that contemporary art can offer.


Artissima's other special projects in town


Other events animating Turin include the exhibition So will your voice vibrate: three different sound installations in the areas of GAM - Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Palazzo Madama and MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale.

Poeticizzare il deserto invece di sapere dove termina by Riccardo Benassi, at GAM, consists of a four-minute loop where the artist explores an unconventional use of autotune.


palazzo Madama Turin


Palazzo Madama will host Antipodes: musical quartets by Darren Bader, an experiment where two quartets will interact with each other playing a Beethoven score and a personal rock song.

Charwei Tsai's AH at MAO is a video where diversity and religious harmony are celebrated by juxtaposing the vocal timbres of people singing 'Ah', a sacred syllable in many cultures.