8 Mar 2018

Milan challenges the future. From 15th to 18th, March, the city will host the Milan Digital Week and will be a pole of European innovation where the theme of “digital” will be dealt with and it will show how this reality can bring social and economic progress. Four days that will host an all-encompassing event organized by the city of Milan that will involve professionals and citizens of all ages: in fact, the events will be organized for children too, for example “Let’s go to plan”, to introduce children in the digital world which will necessarily affect their future lives.

Over four hundred events will be held in workshops, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, debates and shows in just four days; companies, universities, hangars, associations, schools, start-ups and public organizations will be involved, showing their experiences of innovation and helping to compose the framework of a “digital biodiversity” within one of the most dynamic urban realities in Europe. The sectors involved are the most disparate: from finance to online journalism, through public services, marketing, teaching, cooking and much more. Finally, Milan Digital Week is on its way: a unique opportunity to keep up-to-date and to take a step forward in this digital world that everyone is talking about but few really know.

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