How to avoid any (bad) surprise.

17 Jul 2019

Rosanna Marando - Marketing Dr. Schär Foodservice

Summer holidays represent a moment of freedom and carefree. But this, unfortunately, does not always apply to everyone.

For those with celiac disease, staying away from home can often be a problem, away from their own kitchen and from trusted restaurants and shops, with the fear of not finding an offer of good and safe dishes for their health.

4 tips to follow for travelling gluten-free.

1. Document yourself before departure. Before choosing the place of destination, it is good to read up, as well as on the things to see, also on where to eat.

Schär for example, through the App Schär On the Go, allows you to find shops, restaurants and pizzerias with gluten-free offers complete with reviews, all by typing the place of destination or by geolocation.

gluten free hotel

2. "Equipped" parts. To avoid inconveniences, bring your "meal saves" necessary for the journey or for other emergencies and other products that you can't do without. They will allow you to go hungry when you are away from places or stores that have a gluten-free offer.

3. Always communicate. If you travel by plane, before booking, ask the airline if you have a gluten-free meal or gluten-free snacks on board.

Even when you go to the restaurant, before sitting down ask the waiter or directly to the cook what gluten-free dishes are available, which ingredients are used and how they are prepared; it will help you to understand if the staff is informed and if there could be a risk of contamination.

4. Choose a hotel that suits your needs. Finally, make sure that the hotel also has a gluten-free offer. One of the most important services is breakfast: for everyone, starting the day well is essential, especially before a day at the beach, or an excursion in the nature or a trip to the city.

A gluten-free breakfast even on vacation.

In Gruppo UNA hotels, it is possible to request a gluten-free breakfast service, guaranteed by Schär, the European leader in gluten-free and synonymous with high quality, safety and taste products.

At the breakfast buffet, you can find a wide assortment of sweet and savoury products presented in an elegant plexiglass box branded Gruppo UNA and Schär, to start the morning with energy and serenity, as well as single-portion snacks, such as the new Gris & Go to take with you throughout the day!