FICO Eataly World in Bologna, the largest agri-food park in the world

10 Apr 2018

The genuineness of Made in Italy food. The Italian Farming Factory (FICO) contains all the Italian gastronomic heritage in one place, in the city of Bologna. Thanks to the marvel of Italian biodiversity, FICO gives life to the largest agri-food park in the world, where it’s possible to take a journey through food that involves all the senses.

FICO includes two hectares of land, several open-air stables with more than 200 animals and more than 2000 cultivars, wich means agricultural varieties of cultivated plants; it’s a unique opportunity to get to know the secrets of agriculture and breeding in Italy. The entire area is also house of 40 agri-food factories that tell the excellence of the Italian food chain from the field to the fork; the only place in the world where you can participate in each step and discover the processing of raw materials, until the creation of the best Italian typical products. There are also classrooms, a theater, a cinema and educational rides to involve the kids, in fact there are many educational and recreational activities dedicated to them to learn to know and respect the great biodiversity in Italy. Among multimedia exhibitions, guided tours, cooking classes, workshops, tastings and much more, the choice of experiences to live is vast. For table lovers, there are more than 40 places to eat incredible food based on Italian gastronomic tradition but with a look at innovation.

Among thematic restaurants, starred restaurants, taverns, bistros and street food kiosks, you can taste the main recipes of Italian cuisine with fresh and genuine ingredients made on site by 40 farmers. In addition, there are 9,000 square meters dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy where you can make purchases, divided by theme and supply chain. But at the FICO market, there’s not only shopping: you can also taste the freshest and best products from the food shops, chatting with the producers to get to know their stories and their experiences. To go hunting for the most typical and authentic ingredients for the table, three-wheeled bicycles are also available.

Before products, FICO is a place of production of values, those ones of the food tradition that has been handed down for centuries and which today distinguishes Italy from the rest of the world; starting from the qualities of our territory thanks to its unique characteristics and its climate, we can reach the plate and the glass, echoing the voice of producers who transmit their story and their passion. The goal is to tell the world about the gastronomic excellence and the beauty of Made in Italy biodiversity, thanks to a unique and multi-sensory experience.