Explore Lake Trasimeno and Lake Bolsena, in the heart of Italy

Tips for the next time you visit Umbria and Lazio Roma in Italy.

28 Oct 2019

Gruppo UNA

Lake Trasimeno is situated on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. This vast lake covers an area of virtually 50 square miles.

Lake Bolsena has volcanic origins and is surrounded by a bowl of hills. It is close to Orvieto, Valentano, and Capodimonte, and its islands are a popular attraction in their own right.

About Lake Trasimeno.

Lake Trasimeno is fairly shallow and home to a variety of fish, such as carp, pike and tench. The lake is famed for the Battle of Trasimeno which took place in 217BC and several local village names refer to this battle, for example, Ossaia and Sanguineto. The lake is fed by streams from the west and its shallow water and warm year-round climate mean it's a popular swimming location, particularly from May through to September. 

Lake Trasimeno

Most popular activities in this National Park include fishing. In Lake Trasimeno, it can be rewarding for hobby or semi-pro fishermen. It's easy to rent a boat for a few hours and spend quality time fishing and admiring the beauties of this spectacular scenery

Lake Trasimeno swimming is popular with Italians and visiting holidaymakers alike. Umbria is a landlocked region, so anybody wishing to swim in open waters opts for the popular beach resorts on the lake. These include Tuoro, Castiglione del Lago, and Magione. Visitors to these beach resorts will discover all the traditional amenities offered at seaside resorts, such as umbrellas, pedal boat hire and sunbeds. There is a total of nine lakeside beach resorts at Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno, what to see and do.

 There are loads of activities and attractions dotted around Lake Trasimeno, so it's essential to plan your visit in advance so you don't run out of time! The Lake Trasimeno islands are very popular with visitors, these are Isola Maggiore, Isola Polvese, and Isola Minore. Isola Maggiore is the only inhabited island, and visitors will be fascinated by the ruined church and monastery, as well as the Roman ruins. There are numerous more interesting monuments on the island so it's well worth taking a boat trip over. Isola Polvese is also open for visits and belongs to the Lake Trasimeno Regional Park. 

Active cyclists can easily ride around the entire lake, although it may take a couple of days! Otherwise, don't hesitate to drive around the lake and visit some of the entrancing towns and villages en route. These include Castiglione del Lago, Passignano and Magione.

Lake Bolsena, Italy.

Visiting Lake Bolsena is another way to experience the delights of the lake beach resorts and it's easy to reach the lake within a couple of hours from Rome. The historic town of Bolsena is located on the slopes of this extinct volcano, and one way to discover more about this beautiful area is to take a Lake Bolsena tour from the town. Some of the unmissable villages and towns along this 57 km route include Marta, Capodimonte, and Martafiascone. This lovely lake became a favourite of the wealthy elite during the Italian Renaissance, so you'll view some spectacular palaces and monuments throughout your trip.

Lake Bolsena

Lake Bolsena, islands.

Lake Bolsena has two islands, both of which are volcanic cones rising out of the water. Isola Bisentina is the larger island and can be accessed by ferry from the town of Capodimonte. This island features pretty gardens and several ruins and remains dating back as far as the Etruscan and Roman eras.  

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